What makes a good book?

I have been wondering this question lately. Does it have to have a lot of romance? What about suspense? Or is just because your favorite author wrote the book?

For myself it can be a combination of any of those things but I would have to say the most important aspect of a good book is how it all flowed together. Was the storyline easy to follow and did I feel like the author got their point across in the book.

I have come across some books like this before where it just seems liked it fell short or something was missing.

I would love to hear for all of you on what you think.

Warning! If you haven't found that good book than you are in for a treat as I have a guest stopping by very soon.

I will give you a little hint on who it is.


grannyof3 said…
A good book, in my opinion, is determined by several things. It has to grab me by Chapter 4, it needs strong characters who interact well and, hopefully, an ending that I haven't figured out by thr middle of the book.

I LOVE series! It is so interesting to see what the characters are up to next and how the author changes them in each book to hold my interest.
Cheryl said…

Thank you for sharing. I agree with you, except that the only thing is that I have read several books where hey haven't grabbed me till about chapter 10 or so.

I have been about to give up and sometimes I am glad I didn't as the book turned out to be really good in the end.

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