Her Warrior Lord

Kyla Ayslin is a gladiator. She has competed in many competitions in the king’s arena including sword fighting. She has long dark hair. She and her brother Jonavan live with their aunt and uncle. Kyla is very excited to participate this year as the prize is a portion of land. The competition is broken up into different parts. The first is a solo display, where Kyla gets to show of her technique of the Vailin backsword. The next match is a fencing match. Kyla will face off against Oianna Vladmir, who she beat last year.

During the fencing competition Oianna says that Kyla’s sword is too long. The rules state the sword has to be thirty-five inches in length and no more. Kyla’s sword is three inches too long. She gets disqualified. The king bans Kyla from Darum for three months at which point she will repent of her sins. Kyla ends up in Asgard where Lord Egan resides. Lord Egan is a fine warrior. He has deep green eyes, square jaw, dark wavy hair, a scar above his left eye and a reputation of being a rogue with the ladies. Since only men can be warriors and Kyla can ride a horse she will be tending and caring for the Lord’s horses.

The banter that transpired between Kyla and Lord Egan was humorous. Kyla’s tougher-than-nails personality as well as Egan’s love to provoke Kyla every chance he gets was what helped make Her Warrior Lord such a fun book to read. Plus, as far as historical romances go this one is first-rate. I have to comment on how wonderful it was to read a love scene that was both steamy and helped to enhance the story line. This is my first time reading a book by Celia Jade but I have to say after reading Her Warrior Lord it won’t be my last time. Celia Jade’s writing style is so fluent that before I knew it I had completed reading this book in a matter of hours. I was sad when it ended. Her Warrior Lord is definitely a must read.

Courtest of FAR http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2008/May/Cheryl-HerWarriorLord.htm


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