This sounds like a good book. Never read anything by this author.

Spring Break in New York City sounded like fun to 19-year-old Chelsea Hart—and it probably was, before a psychopath cut off her hair and left her body, as it so happens, along the jogging route of homicide detective Ellie Hatcher. Fortunately, Chelsea’s friends remembered the guy they left her with at a bar the night before, a druggie with a record, who, naturally, claims he’s innocent. So why does Ellie think he could be telling the truth, despite the evidence the brass considers overwhelming? Just as they start clamoring for her to wrap things up, Ellie gets a hot tip to go “cold,” as in case. If it’s right, maybe she should be looking for a serial killer with a fondness for knives—and long, beautiful hair. Just. Like. Hers….


J. Kaye Oldner said…
Our library has this book in processing. I'll add it to the list. :)
grannyof3 said…
Alafair Burke is as good a write as her father! Mysteries done very well....

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