Ghosts of the Old West

I have not read this book but I like westerns and thought this one sounded good.

Even today the American West remains a frontier of mystery and intrigue, filled with the spirits of trappers and traders, Native Americans and settlers. These spirits have been sighted while haunting the West's beautiful and rugged land. InGhosts of the Old West, acclaimed Western author Earl Murray conveys these stories in a narration so eerie and so chilling we advise reading this with all the lights on in the safety of your home.Saddle up, my friend, and take a ride into the unknown.

Traveling through Murray's West, you'll encounter: a soldier at Fort Laramie, dead for almost two centuries, who still insists on silence during war-strategy meetings, and La Llarona, also known as the weeping woman, who roams the hills and valleys of the Spanish Southwest. You'll hear stories of the Little People with their hidden powers and the Snake People, who are feared by the Native Americans to this day. And many, many more. Come along my friend, but be wary--the night comes early out here, early and dark.

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Julie P. said…
I haven't read many westerns, but I did love LONESOME DOVE!

I nominated you for a blog award:
photoquest said…
I like to switch up my reading with some western romance books but this one sounds interesting. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.
naida said…
this one sounds good, and I like the cover.

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