A Highlander Never Surrenders

I am so glad to share with you all my review of Paula Quinn's latest A Highlander Never Surrenders. I love reading books that take place in Ireland/Scotland. I hope you will enjoy my review and purchase this book for yourself.

The year is when Scotland’s Third Civil War has re-emerged.

Oliver Cromwell has died. General Monck of the New Model Army wants to see Charles II restored to power, so he enlists the help of men like Lord Robert Campbell, Earl of Argyll, a Presbyterian and Graham Grant, highlander, Royalist and first in command of the MacGregor clan.

Claire Stuart has been captured by some Puritan Roundheads. Claire winds up getting rescued by Lord Robert Campbell and his friend Graham Grant. Unfortunately Claire is anything but happy to see Robert and Graham. Claire is on a mission to save her sister, Anne from getting married to General Monck. Actually Claire is more than mad she is out to kill someone and that someone winds up being General Monck. But first Claire has to escape Graham in addition to keeping her true identity of being the king’s cousin a secret. In order to keep Claire from ruining things, Graham tells Claire he will help her to rescue her sister. What Graham will soon learn is he was better off letting Claire do her own thing as she is one hellion, especially with a sword.

I just loved the characters in this book. They were so strong and independent. This statement 100% applies to Claire with her take charge attitude. I found it to be an enjoyment, especially when her angry was aimed at Graham. It was funny because Graham would treat Claire like a two year old but at the same time this is when you could also feel the sparks between these two. I have to admit that it wasn’t hard to enjoy this book but because one it was written by the lovely Paula Quinn and two it was set during the Scottish times, which is a favorite time period of mine. A Highlander Never Surrenders was a royal pleasure to read. I am already anxiously awaiting Ms. Quinn’s next release.

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J. Kaye Oldner said…
Love finding new authors! Your blog is a wealth of knowledge. :)
naida said…
sounds good. I enjoy books set in Scotland too :)

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