It's Sam to the rescue again

Buzz requires Sam’s assistance again. Sam travels to the World of Bergeron. Once there, Sam runs into a whole new batch of dangerous creatures that consist of a large bird like creature as well as a riddle loving dragon. When Sam finally makes her way to Buzz, she discovers that he is wounded. Luckily for Sam she won’t be alone on her journey. She will be accompanied by Buzz’s uncle, King Kaylan. Join Sam, Buzz and King Kaylan on this new wild adventure in Sam’s Quest: The Royal Trident.

It was nice to visit with Buzz and Sam again as well as be introduced to some new characters. After reading the first book, I was ready to see what new adventure Sam and Buzz would get into. Telegu, the dragon was my favorite in this book. He acted all tough like a dragon should but once you got to know him better he was actually a softie but don’t tell him that. I wish Mr. Furman the best of luck with this series as I am sure it will be a great success.

To read an excerpt and even listen to an audio of the song Telegan sang about Sam go here

Thank you Cheryl for letting me host Mr. Furman


Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting the second of the Sam's Quest series. Telegu the red dragon is without a doubt my favorite character. Check out Telegu's podcast on
The AVs have dropped a game or two. Time to get tough! Regards,

Ben Furman
Cheryl said…
Telegu is my favorite character too. Thanks for hosting Ben!

Cheryl M.

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