Make Me a Match

I want to thank J. Kaye from J. Kaye's Book Blog for letting me read this book. Mrs. Holquist has been a favorite author of mine.

All Cecelia Burns needed to do was shop for her wedding dress and make sure she had the perfect wedding but no instead she ends up dealing with a sister she hasn’t seen in a long time and for good reasons. Even though Cecelia and Amy come from a gypsy family, only Amy dresses, acts and claims to be able to tell people their true love’s name unlike Cecelia who wants to live a normal stress-free live.

Amy tells Cecelia that she is making a mistake as her true love is named Finn Concord. Cecelia doesn’t believe Amy and decides to ignore Amy but it’s a little hard to do that when your sister tells you that your true love is about to die. Being a medical doctor, Cecelia would feel bad if she didn’t warn Finn that he was about to die even if she has no intensions to be with him. Cecelia has the perfect plan…it’s foolproof. Cecelia will drop off an anonymous note to Finn.

Finn doesn’t know quite what to make of Cecelia. Here’s this gorgeous woman who has an interest in him but she sure has a strange way of showing it by leaving him a note saying he will die. All Finn knows is that he will figure out just what type of game Cecelia is playing once and for all.

Everyone in this story was so much fun from Cecelia to Maya, Finn’s daughter and even Amy. Maya was like a sixty-year old chain smoking, card hustling little girl who was so much older beyond her years. As much as Amy annoyed Cecelia they still loved each other as sisters do. Make Me a Match had me smiling and laughing throughout the whole book. Every book I have picked up and read of Diana Holquist has turned out a winner and this one is no exception. For anyone who is a fan of romances will love Mrs. Holquist.


naida said…
This sounds like a sweet read, great review :)
J. Kaye Oldner said…
Cheryl, great review! :) Missed ya this weekend.

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