The Prince of Midnight

I want to thank Danielle with Sourcebooks for sending me this book to review.

Lady Leigh Strachan doesn’t realize how deadly a game she is playing. Leigh wants justice for her family’s killer, so she devises a plan to dress up as a boy and track down the killer herself.

S.T. Maitland is a very feared and dangerous man. Even his being a nobleman does not help as his other profession of highway man fall outweighs his status and gained him the nickname of the Prince of Midnight. You won’t know it by the way S.T. Maitland acts but he is disabled, he is deaf in one ear as well as coping with vertigo.

Lady Leigh Strachan crosses paths with S. T. Maitland. Leigh inquires to Maitland for his help and he agrees. The more time Maitland spends around Leigh, the stronger the attraction he feels towards her but wait till he finds out Leigh is a woman.

S.T. Maitland’s pet wolf made me think of a guide dog. This surprised me not because a wolf couldn’t be tamed but because this is the first book that I can remember where the use of a guide dog type was incorporated into the story. I really liked this fact, because I myself once raised a guide dog. The plot for this book intrigued me but unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. I found it seemed to drag on at times. I did not let this fact though keep me from finishing the book. As far as historical romance novels go, The Prince of Midnight did turn out to be a pretty good book. I would gladly welcome the chance to try a Laura Kinsale book again.


Kris said…
I have this one but have not read it yet. The plot sounded intriguing to me as well. Sorry it was not what you had hoped.

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