I want to thank Miriam with http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/ for sending me this book to review.

Mike Bordwin is the headmaster at Avery Academy, a prestigious boarding school in New England. Mike suddenly finds himself heading up an investigation of the most scandalous kind the school has ever seen. A video tape has surfaced. The video shows a fourteen years old girl in a compromising position with three boys. Mike will have his hands full as he tries to get to the bottom of how this situation happened. A situation that will rock the whole community.

I have to say that I thought Testimony was an ok book. It did have a good storyline. The problem I had with the book was that I wanted to take each character and shake some sense into them. The parents were oblivious to what their children’s actions and the children either thought they were untouchable or they wanted to sweep their mistakes under a rug so they could make their parents proud. I found the characters so whiny to me that it turned me off and made me lose interest in the rest of the book. Though I do believe that this also shows that Anita Shreve can writing very well and for this reason I would give her another try.


Becky LeJeune said…
I like that each character had a definite different voice, but I thought that overall it read a bit dry.
J. Kaye Oldner said…
Really? Becky too? Dar didn't like it as much either. Wow...I thought it was her best book.

Wow...glad I read it early...lol! It might have ended up on the bottom of the review pile.

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