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This is one of my favorite authors of western romances. I got the chance to interview Jodi Thomas. Here latest book Tall, Dark, and Texan releases today. So go out and pick yourself up a copy.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Do you have any type of schedule that you follow when your writing a book?

When I’m working on a book there are no days off, no weekends. I like to keep the story close and fresh in my mind. I usually work on a story about three hours a day. I may be in my office for much longer, but I’m answering e-mail, doing research, preparing for a talk, or playing around.
My best creating time is late at night. Sometimes if the story is going I’ll write late into the night.

What do you love the most about living in Texas?

I love the people. Maybe it’s because we all came from people crazy enough to settle here, but there is wildness in the heart of most Texans.

I read you like to travel. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Part of me likes to explore places I’ve never been before. I love England and Alaska for that reason. Part of me likes to return to places where I’ve had great times. I love New York and Oklahoma City for that reason. Places get inside of me once I spend time there and I feel connected. I worry about New Orleans and Galveston. I watched the fires near Big Sur this summer and like all Americans I panicked on 9/11.

What did you spend your money on from your first sale?

I probably spent the advance on celebrating. We went out to eat every time something happened. The sale, the contract arriving, the rewrites finished, the cover, the galleys.
With the first check I bought a new computer.

Who comes up with the ideas for your book covers?

I think there is a meeting of my editor, the art department and the sales force, but I’m not sure. I think the editor has most of the say. I have very little. They do a great job.

Of all the different books you have written, which one is your favorite and why? Also who is your favorite character?

I’ve loved many of the characters but I’ve followed Teagen through two books and couldn’t wait to write his story in TALL,DARK, AND TEXAN. I think I’m as proud of this story as I’ve ever been. Teagen is a hard, but fair, man who feels like he’s spent his life fighting. He has no idea how to handle the widow who shows up on his doorstep and asks for help.

If one of your books was made into a movie, who would you want to play the male and female leads?

The book I see in my mind play out as a movie is TWISTED CREEK. I’d love to know who the readers see when they read.

Do you have a favorite time period you like to write about liked for example: 17th century, 18th century, etc?

I love to write Texas stories set between 1850-1880. So much happened in Texas during that time. It was the hardest of times that brought out the best in people.

Please talk a little more about Whispering Mountain Series and the latest book Tall, Dark and Texan.

I developed the Whispering Mountain Series with the opening of the back story. Three boys, 12, 11,and 6 have to take over a ranch when their parents die. They have to fight to keep the ranch until one is old enough to claim the land. All three boys are scarred by the years that follow. All three become strong men.

Book 1—Travis’s story TEXAS RAIN is about the middle brother who becomes a Texas Ranger.

Book 2---Tobin’s story TEXAS PRINCESS is about the youngest brother who was hurt at six and mistrusts people.

Book 3---Teagen’s story is about the oldest brother who turned into a man at 12 and hardened to the point that he trust no one except family. In TALL, DARK, AND TEXAN, he had decided he’ll always be alone. It takes a widow and three little girls to wake him up to the fact that he’s human and can love.

All three books are shown on my website with trailers.

What other future projects can we look forward to?

There will be two more Whispering Mountain stories. One about Sage, the little sister of the boys and another about Duck, an adopted child in book 1 who grows up to have to deal with Teagen’s three daughters.

I’m also finishing up a book that will be out in April 09 called REWRITING MONDAY. It’s about a small town newspaper in West Texas.

Thank you again for this interview.

You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

I was luckily enough to receive two autographed copies of Tall, Dark and Texan, along with some other goodies. To give to two readers. To win. Comment on this post or ask a question to Jodi. I will pick the two winners November 1st. Remember to leave an Email address. Sorry but open only to U. S.


Ousizch said…
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Cheri2628 said…
I love reading historical romances, and the old American West is a particular favorite of mine. I just love those sexy cowboys! ;-) Your books sound wonderful, and I hope to start reading this series. I would love to start by winning Tall, Dark, and Texan, so please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

naida said…
great interview!
please dont enter me in the giveaway, as my TBR pile is too big
but this book does sound good.
J. Kaye Oldner said…
I love romance and this does look like a good one. Please add me. No matter how many books I have in the pile, I can make room for one in this genre. :)
J. Kaye Oldner said…
Sorry, I forgot to leave my email:
tetewa said…
Enjoyed the interview and sounds like a good sereis!
darbyscloset said…
Please add me to your list of winners ;-*
I'd like to have the opportunity to read this author and I just love it when a book is part of a series (guess I'll have to buy the others ;-) tee hee.....never need much of an excuse to buy a good book!).
Thank you for the interview, I enjoyed her sharing how she thought out the characters.
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com
Kris said…
Great interview. I loved Twisted Creek but have not had the chance to read any more by Ms Thomas. But they are on my tbb list.

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