Vampires have Humor too

The Isle of Man houses vampires known as leanan sidhe. They are beautiful women who live in sea caves. The leanan sidhes seduce men and take their blood to fill their red cauldrons.

Margaid was warned by Mannan beg mac y Leir, leader of the leanan sidhes that if Margaid does not make her first kill soon than he will turn her into a kelpie. Margaid really doesn’t want to make Mannan mad, she would rather be a leanan sidhe than a kelpie. Margaid gets her chance when she comes upon Andrew.

Andrew has come to the Isle of Man with his family. Andrew thought himself the luckiest man alive when he found himself making out with a random woman he just met. Just when Margaid is about to drain Andrew something unbelievable happens… to be continued. Talk about a cliff hanger huh? I guess you will just have to read A Fine Cauldron of Fish for yourself.

I loved Margaid she was so funny the way she acted and the things she did but in an innocent way. As far as mortal men go, Andrew is a good guy. What do you get when two clumsy people get together an outright laugh a minute comedy in A Fine Cauldron of Fish. I was so glad to see that Cornelia Amiri was able to find a way to bring in a Celtic influence to her latest book. A Fine Cauldron of Fish is the second book I have read by Ms. Amiri and I was happy to experience that Cornelia is such a universe writer from historical romance to now comedies but with still keeping her uniqueness that her fans love.

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J. Kaye Oldner said…
It does look like a fun that cover too. :)
naida said…
I like that cover too. Sounds like a good read.

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