Wish You Were Here

Freya Daly is ready to take over her father’s company when he retires. Unfortunately her father does not think Freya is ready and wants her to prove her worth. So he sends Freya to Deer Creek, Idaho. If Freya can get the owner, Nate Brody to sell his campground then Freya’s father will let her run his company. For Freya this will be just another walk in the park. She buys up businesses all the time. Once Freya sees the campground and how run down it is; she knows she has this deal in the bag.

Nate made a promise to his father before he died that he would run the campground. All Nate needs in his life right now is some meddling daddy’s girl. If Freya never saw Nate again it would be too soon. One person though that has warmed her way into Freya’s heart is Nate’s, Piper. Will this princess run back home or will Freya become camp counselor?

I loved Freya. She was so kooky and fun. Plus who knew there was an eye condition that could make someone cry unexpectedly. Nate is so patient, kind, and has a heart of gold. Piper was one of my favorite characters. Wish You Were Here is a fun, up-beat romance story. This was a quick read. Lani Diane Rich is a new author for me. She was such a dream to read. I enjoyed every minute of this story. Readers better watch out as Lani Diane Rich is a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary romance world.


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