I once was Lost but now I am Found

Abby and her daughter, Cassie has both signed up to be part of a reality show called Lost and Found. Cassie has a secret that she couldn’t hide anymore from her mother. After Abby learns Cassie’s secret, she realizes that they have lost touch with each other. When Abby hears about the show, she hopes that by her and Cassie being a part of it, they can get back what they have lost.

Abby and Cassie will be joined by the other teams made up of: Riley and Trent, rich inventors, Juliet and Dallas, TV darlings, and Justin and Abby, who are unusual. It will be a circus and all that is missing is the ring leader, Eli, one of the producers and the star of the show, Barbara Fox, the crazy host.

The rules are fairly simple: Fly to a new location, during every segment of the show and following a trail of clues, the teams have to decipher them to figure out what item they have to pick up and take with them.

I liked the way this book was set up. Each chapter had a name of a character in the book and within that chapter you got to know a little more about everyone. The great thing about this was that you felt more connected and it helped the story keep from getting confusing with all the different people as you didn’t have to keep track of them. Lost and Found reminded me of one of my favorite reality shows, The Amazing Race but like the rejected version of what not to do if you want to make a good show


Linda Jacobs said…
I love The Amazing Race too so this book will be a definite read for me!

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