Just what the heck are Rubber Babes?

I want to thank Mr. Everett Jones for sending me his book to review.

Rollo Hemphill is back in another wacky, hilarious adventure. Rollo works for a high profitable charity foundation. One day he is approached by a Mr. Dieter Zittpopper. Mr. Zitt wants Rollo’s help. Mr. Zitt starts to explain to a condition called Keppelhoffer’s Syndrome that effected men. A condition that is very deadly. Keppelhoffer’s Syndrome is caused by Erectile Dysfunction drugs. Rollo agrees to help. What Rollo doesn’t know is that he is being set up to take the fall in a money laundering scheme. You have got to read Rubber Babes: Further Misadventures of Rollo Hemphill in order to find out if Rollo comes out on top. Plus if you don’t read this book, how will you ever discover what Rubber Babes are?

Rubber Babes: Further Misadventures of Rollo Hemphill is the sequel to My Inflatable Friend, the first book by author, Gerald Everett Jones to feature clueless but loveable Rollo Hemphill. I have not read the first book but luckily you don’t have to in order to enjoy reading the sequel.

When I first read the summary for this book, I thought I should get some laughs out of reading this story as it is a comic novel and my other thought was…I so have got to read this book to experience what exactly boy chik lot is all about. What I got out of Rubber Babes is lots of laughs from the titles of each chapter in the book, Mr. Zitts, working on a campaign to save men everywhere from the serious problem of Keppelhoffer’s Syndrome and finally to Rollo’s visit at a porn shoot. Every time I was sure Mr. Everett Jones couldn’t shock me anymore in a good way, I was wrong. He did it bigger and better the next time, Rollo went or did anything. I want to thank Mr. Everett Jones for turning me on to my first boy chik lit and for making it a good time. I now want to check out more of these types of stories. I just hope these types of books can live up to this high a standard now.

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naida said…
sounds interesting!
I've never heard of boy chick lit...lol

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