Romeo, Romeo

Rosalie Ronaldi is a very career-driven, independent woman. She doesn’t really have time for men, much less her dog, Dave. You could tell this by the way Rosalie’s house looked when you stepped inside. Rosalie believed that if you ate over the sink than you didn’t have to contend with dirtying a dish.

Nick Romeo is not your typical guy but when he meets Rosalie, he is dressed as a mechanic. He decides to let Rosalie go on believing he is a mechanic. Rosalie never thought it would happen that she would fall for guy that she doesn’t mind having around. Before Rosalie can comprehend what is going on; Nick has moved in. Rosalie has started seeing the benefits o having Nick around. He has cleaned her house and is even bring her breakfast in bed!

Robin Kaye has a winner on her hands with Romeo, Romeo. Mrs. Kaye infused this book with tons of laughs, romance, and plain old goodness. Every once in a while women need a guy to take care of them like Nick. Nick is a great man to have around. He is tall, dark, and Italian. One of the stars of this story was Dave. He acted just like a person. This is one author you will want to keep your eyes on for a long time to come. I can’t wait to read more of Mrs. Kaye’s sense of humor in more of her books.


Robin Kaye said…
Wow - Thanks so much for the glowing review, Cheryl! You've made my day. Too Hot To Handle in available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble too. It is due out in May and I'm busy working on Rich's story. Becoming Mr. Perfect. So far, it's a whole lot of fun.

Thanks again,

Robin Kaye~
naida said…
I enjoyed this one too, great review ;)

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