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I want to thank Mr. O'Brien for sending me this book to review.

Carl did not have the best childhood growing up. In fact, his father used to beat him and give him gifts that were not his to keep. Carl can remember the one time when his dad gave him a bike, only to have it have it taken away from him and Carl accused of being a thief. Carl is all grown up now but he has learned his lesson. When he gets something he hides it from the rest of the world, so no one can ever take it away from him again.

Young, married couple Paul and Amy McMurray just did the great thing they could ever do as a couple, give born to a baby boy, Eddie. One day something so terrible happened to the McMurrary’s; it can be considered every parents worse nightmare…Eddie gets abducted. It has been about twelve years since Eddie’s disappearance. Paul may have given up hope but Amy will never give up looking for her son. Amy senses in her heart and soul that her son is still alive and out there waiting for her to come take him home. Call it a mother’s intuition.

Only Son may not be like all of Mr. O’Brien’s that I have enjoyed reading so much that include a killer, who you don’t know the identity of till the very end; where as in this story there is no killer and you know who is causing the harm. There is an element in Only Son that is scarier then any of the other books. It involves an innocent boy, who did not get a choice in who would love him. Mr. O’Brien draws on raw emotions of fear, trust, friendship, and most of all love. I already have made Mr. O’Brien, one of my favorite authors and now with this book, it has only cemented my amazement of this great author’s. Kevin O’Brien will always have a fan in me.

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Seems like a book I can read. Thanks!

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Linda Jacobs said…
Just reading your review, gave me goosebumps! I'll be looking for this one, for sure!
Literary Feline said…
This sounds like quite a book. I haven't yet read anything by Kevin O'Brien, but he sounds like an author I would enjoy reading. Thanks for the great review.
Kristie said…
Great review... this sounds like a huge difference from Mr. O'Brien's previous books. I have read a couple of his other books and was not that impressed, though I think I will be on the lookout for this one!
naida said…
sounds like a good one cheryl, very emotional.
great review :)

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