Sophie recently graduated from Yale. She got a job working as an appeals attorney. It seems that Sophie has everything made or so she thought. Sophie’s world gets turned upside down when at dinner with her boyfriend, Stephen, Sophie suddenly feels her throat close up and she can’t swallow. There is a fist size ball in Sophie’s throat.

Sophie goes to Dr. Ames for her problem. Dr. Ames forces Sophie to deal with her childhood and growing up with a father for a porn producer. All the while dealing with the fist size ball in Sophie’s throat.

I have to admit that this book turned out to not quite be to my liking. I really wanted to like this book as it seemed that most of the other people who read this book did. The characters didn’t engage me and the book moved slow. I found the characters problems to be bothersome and they were whiny. What I did find interesting though about this book was the main character, Sophie. I have read many books but have never encountered a character where she deals with the issue of not being about to swallow. I went through this myself when I was younger, though luckily for me it did not affect me like it did Sophie. I was able to get over it pretty quickly. Swallow was hard for me to swallow but I could definitely see where author Tonya Plank was going with this book.


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