The Werewolf Upstairs is a howling good time!

We first met the residents of this fun apartment complex in the first novel, Strange Neighbors. Now they are back and funnier than ever.

Met Rosalyn Wells. She is good friends with Merry from Strange Neighbors and an attorney. Rosalyn has moved into Merry’s old apartment. Rosalyn is not too sure she made the right decision moving in, until she meets Konrad Wolfensen. Konrad is everything that Rosalyn desires in a man…good looking, tall, charming. There is just one small detail that Rosalyn does not know about Konrad...he is a werewolf.

When Konrad is charged with theft, he turns to Rosalyn for help. Konrad just may have stolen Rosalyn’s heart.

The Werewolf Upstairs is the latest book from author, Ashlyn Chase. I enjoyed reading the first book. It was nice to visiting with everyone again. It was like having the old gang back together again. Though, I hope to see more of Chad. There is so much that I don’t know about him but whenever he makes an appearance, he brings comedic relief. The sparks were really flying between Rosalyn and Konrad. Konrad really helped Rosalyn show her wide side. It was great to get to know Konrad better. In the prior novel, the characters were just emerging and there was not much learned about them. The Werewolf Upstairs is a howling good time!


carolsnotebook said…
Oh, I haven't even read Strange Neighbors yet. This one sounds fun though.
Cheryl said…
Carolsnotebook -This book is a fun one to read. Now is a good time to jump in as there are just the two books right now

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